We know that the most important ingredient to building a successful company is excellent people. We value our people, because we know if we value our people first, they in turn will value you, our customer.

There are many ways we do this. We listen, we encourage everyone to contribute new ideas, and we make decisions in a collaborative process, not with “top down” dictation. We make sure we provide the best tools and conditions for our people to do their jobs as well as possible.

One of the MAIN ways we value our people is by putting a huge emphasis on safety.

Roofing is an inherently dangerous job, we use power saws, knives, pneumatic nail guns… AND, most dangerous of all, we work high up in the air!

Falling from height is the #1 killer of construction workers in the United States. We, here at Lynchburg Roofing, provide and require that each worker wear a fall protection device called a rope and harness. We set one anchor for every two workers. The workers hook one end of their safety line to one of those anchors, and the other end to their safety harness. So  if a worker accidentally slips and falls, he is arrested mid fall and is not killed or seriously injured.

We make safety a priority, holding weekly safety meetings and following all OSHA safety guidelines. We provide equipment and training to insure each worker is able to maximize his or her own safety. When you hire us, you may rest assured you are hiring a company that values its people and their safety!