Lynchburg Roofing crew


Lynchburg Roofing’s offers roof repair with shingle tear off and replacement, as well as new roof installations for residential shingle roofs in Lynchburg and Central Virginia.

Get Your Roofing Repairs Done Right.

With Lynchburg Roofing Repairs, you’ll get a handsome, strong roof that won’t let you down and you’ll still have money in your pocket and a smile on your face. It’s no secret how we continue to deliver these roofing repair results year after year!

  • The Best Workmanship – nothing less is acceptable
  • Value that can’t be matched – just because your roof is broke, doesn’t mean you should be too!
  • Industry-best customer service – we answer all your calls and messages.
  • We love what we do – trust me, it makes a BIG difference.

Lynchburg Roofing’s professional roofing crew will fix your roof leak or correctly install a new roof at a fair price. Roof repair in Central Virginia has never been so easy!

This Is How We Treat Our OWN Homes

I often tell people, If my mother needed her roof repaired, she would get the exact same outstanding experience from us that ALL of our customers get. That’s why our entire team from the main office to the guys on the roofs, are professional, highly-skilled, and eager to help – we’re a family.

Our Roofing Repairs & Replacements Far Exceed the Competition

Our crew is dedicated to our customers. We use six nails per shingle instead of four, and ensure correct Lifetime guaranteed caps as well as starter shingles on the rakes.

To promote an emphasis on quality workmanship and to discourage haste and sloppiness, our mechanics get paid by the hour and not by how many squares of shingles they install.


  • 10 yr workmanship guarantee.
  • Photo documentation, before and after shots, for any repairs performed to the wooden roof structure.
  • Masonry counter flashing “cut in” to the masonry.
  • Extra care given to clean up.
  • Six nails per shingle, instead of the required four.
  • Ensuring lifetime guaranteed caps.
  • Starter shingles on the rakes.

Shingle Options & Roof Warranties

Lynchburg Roofing is training for all the major shingle manufacturers including GAF and Owens Corning, and we are authorized to offer extended warranties on our installations.

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