How a Storm Affects the Average Cost to Replace a Roof

thunderstorm that could damage your roof

Damage due to inclement weather can affect the average cost to replace a roof. Think about it, if a large branch falls on your house, it will likely affect more than just the outer layer of roofing material. After any kind of storm damage to your home, it’s critical to get your roof evaluated by a licensed professional who can thoroughly assess the damage and help you create a plan of action for repairs. Here are some factors that can come into play if you need a roof replacement following storm damage.

The materials used will affect the average cost to replace a roof

The kind of roofing material used on your home will affect the average cost. Different types of material require different methods of removal, so it’s important to get an estimate from a roofer that has evaluated the damage in person. After storm damage, you may only need part of your roof repaired, rather than a total replacement. A licensed contractor can help you ascertain exactly what level of repair needs to be done.

Different types of weather damage:


  • Ice, snow, and hail – Winter storms can be particularly damaging. Hail makes for powerful projectiles that can break windows and crack shingles. Snow can become very heavy as it piles up, causing structural damage. Cold and ice can freeze and burst pipes, leading to serious water damage.
  • Wind and tornados – It’s astonishing what wind can do to damage a home. Trees and power poles can fall land on roofs. Tornados can pull the roof right off of a house. Windows can be shattered by projectiles.
  • Hurricanes, Tropical, and Thunderstorms – Any storm that involves an unusually large quantity of rain can put a home at risk. Water can destroy roofs, wash out foundations, and cause untold damage to a home. Water damage in particular needs to be evaluated right away, as it can grow into deeper problems like a mold infestation.


If your home has sustained any kind of storm damage, call a licensed professional today for a free evaluation and estimate. The experts at Lynchburg Roofing can get your on the way to a safe, comfortable home again today. Get your estimate now.