Roofing Contractors Near Roanoke

roofing contractors near roanoke

If you are looking for great roofing contractors near Roanoke, you’ve come to the right place. Living amongst the rolling hills and variable weather of Roanoke makes your roofing needs unique. Here are some things you need to look for as you seek the ideal contractor to meet your needs:

Find roofing contractors near Roanoke that go the extra mile.

That means they will take the time to remove your old roof, rather than just shingling over it. It means protecting your gutters with ladder stabilizers. A contractor that goes the extra mile will carefully make sure your landscaping remains in beautiful shape. And they will work hard to keep your property looking tidy throughout the entire process.

Your trust is everything.

Choosing a roofing contractor near Roanoke that you can trust is the single best thing you can do to protect your investment and your peace of mind. This is where top-notch referrals come in. If a roofer is great, you will hear about it. Here are endorsements from just a few local customers:

“The crew was excellent and did an excellent job.” Mark B, Roanoke

“The people that were working on the roofing job were excellent. They stayed on until whatever they planned to be completed on that day was completed.” Ted U., Roanoke

“I’m excited to see my new roof installed at my home located in Vinton, VA. I gathered several quotes with a large spread in price. I was offered inferior materials by some and extra costs from others. Once I reviewed all my prices and looked over the reviews and contractor standings I gave Thomas Payne a call back to revisit me. Thomas came out for his close visit and with a willingness to negotiate and a Military Veterans discount he walked away with a signed contract. This company has been a good experience. Thank you Thomas.” -Bill Tyree, Vinton

“The guys who were here did the work were very polite and did a lot of work while they were here. They were always polite when I stepped outside to speak to them. They seemed to enjoy their work even though it was 90 degrees. I know it was hot on my roof, and they stayed up there and did not ever complain.” -Susan H, Roanoke

“They provide outstanding service and value. I’m an extremely satisfied customer.” -Steve S, Roanoke

“They were the best crew that I have ever had do anything for me. They were very professional and polite.” -Shirley C, Amherst

Choose a roofer who has your best interests in mind.

You need a roofer who will always invest in protecting their business and their customers. That means your roofer needs to be licensed, insured, and carry workmen’s comp insurance for each of their employees. A roofing contractor without workmen’s comp insurance could leave their customers liable for any potential injuries that occur on-site.


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