Contest over.
Announcement scheduled.

We will be hosting a press conference introducing the winners of both our contests and unveiling our new name on June 19th.



THANK YOU all for participating in this contest and for making it so fun and enjoyable! We have had so much fun hearing your name suggestions, sending you gifs on Facebook, or seeing your slogans, logo alternatives, social media posts, texts, videos, emails, letters, and so much more! We are so grateful particularly for the Lynchburg community for being so understanding and gracious acknowledging that they now share us with many other communities. We are thrilled to unveil the winner of the name contest, the winner of the secret ‘Biggest Fan‘ contest, and our new name at the press conference mentioned above. Thank you for helping, participating, thinking, and sharing with family, friends, coworkers, and strangers to make this contest such a success! We are forever grateful to you, our community.




LYNCHBURG ROOFING was started in 2012 when our founder, Chris Good, shifted his construction company’s focus into roofing to make sure his employees had steady work despite the national economic downturn. 7 years, 4 locations, and over 7,000 roofs later it’s time we found a name that was more accurate to who we are and who we serve.

WHY are we changing our name? Lynchburg Roofing was named after the specific community we planned to serve – Lynchburg. We had success serving Lynchburg which led us to growing to serve 3 additional communities (Roanoke, Charlottesville, and Richmond). At this point we want to avoid any confusion about who we serve, regardless of which local branch serves you. All our employees live, work, and serve their local communities just as our original branch has served the Lynchburg community. As we continue to grow, our name cannot be a point of confusion. That’s why we are asking for your help.

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