There are many general contractors to choose from for your shingle work, but Lynchburg Roofing specializes in replacing and repairing shingle roofs in and around Lynchburg, VA. Being a contractor in Lynchburg has given Lynchburg Roofing over 20 years experience in the industry, making them a very well ­rounded roofing contractor in the area.

“We are able to work with a variety of general contractors and specialists. We have been in their shoes and know what they need from us as roofers.”

Choosing a Roofing Contractor, Not just a General Contractor

When choosing a company to put on your roof, you don’t always want to choose a general contractor who does everything. Why? Because they may not have the specially training that contractors like Lynchburg Roofing has. Each one of our employees continually goes through training and education about the products and services that we offer, and we can even offer special warranties on our products because we have been certified in our field.

Local Contractors Lynchburg Virginia and surrounding areas

When choosing a contractor you want to stay local! Contractors in this area know the terrain ­they understand the weather trends and climate, and will probably be able to serve you better than traveling roofing companies.

Lynchburg Roofing serves Lynchburg city, Campbell and Bedford Counties, as well as Amherst and Smith Mountain Lake. We have put roofs on many houses in the Boonsboro and Rivermont areas, as well as Forest and Rustburg.

We have relationships with dozens of area contractors and we may even know who built your house, or who put on your last roof! It is important for roofing contractors to have good relationships with other area contractors, and gives us the ability to work smoothly and efficiently on your project.

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