Residential Roofs in Lynchburg

You might be asking, how long will your shingles on your residential home last until they need to be replaced? While Quality Residential Roofs in Lynchburg can last over 30 years, you really need to know when the roof was originally put on, who installed it and what kind of warranty it came with.

Lynchburg has some severe storms; remember the Derecho in 2012? Storms like this that put major wear and tear on your roof may create a little shingle damage, but how do you know? Unless a tree falls on your roof – you might not know your roof is damaged without a thorough inspection.

By doing an up close inspection of your roof on a regular basis it will be easier for you to tell if your shingles are damaged. You can look for tabs that have been torn or broken, nails that are sticking up or even shingle granules that are lying in the gutters. All of these are signs that you will want to have a residential roof inspector come to your home.

Lynchburg Roofing can help you evaluate whether you just need a couple shingles repaired, or if your roof is getting ready for bigger damages and needs to be replaced.

When Your Roof Shingles Begin to Deteriorate It Might Be Time for a Roof Replacement

For homeowners to know when shingles are beginning to deteriorate, regular inspections really are needed. Check your roof a couple times a year as well as after major storms.

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Shingle Guide from Lynchburg Roofing