Lynchburg Roofing, Charlottesville, is now offering Gutter Services!

If you are looking to interview gutter companies in Charlottesville, take some time to think through your questions in advance. Your home deserves to be treated well by highly-trained professionals.

Here are some questions to ask about the company’s gutter services

Is your company locally based?

The best gutter and roofing companies will have deep roots in your community. A local company can offer you quicker communication, more efficient repairs, and more professional integrity. A locally based contractor will have ample reviews from customers in your community to their name, ensuring you can make an informed decision. A local contractor can also uphold their warranty with ease, giving you peace of mind about the state of the work.

Do you utilize subcontractors, or full-time employees?

The best gutter companies in Charlottesville will have a full-time staff of trained, insured craftsmen. Not day-laborers. Full-time employees will be insured for workmans compensation. Full-time employees will be uniformed, courteous, and tidy. A company that uses full-time employees has better quality control and better job outcomes overall.

Are your gutters seamless?

The answer should be “yes.” Seamless gutters are made of one continuous piece of metal along the roofline, with seams only at the corners of the roof. Seamed gutters are lower quality and less efficient.

Do you attach gutters to the home with nails, or screws?

Nails, while faster and cheaper to use, will not hold up over the long run. Screws, specifically long-form screws, will give your gutters long-term endurance and strength. Using nails or spikes is considered an old-fashioned approach in the industry, and a company that still uses them should give you pause. If the contractor tells you that they use screws, unsure that they are long-form screws. They take a bit longer to install, but it will give your gutters much more staying power.

”I am interviewing several gutter companies in Charlottesville. Why should I choose you?”

The right contractor should be able to confidently sell you their services. The right contractor will do business with integrity, have a long history of great work in your community, and an above-industry-standard warranty. The work should speak for itself, and set them apart from other companies.

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