Risk Free Roof Repairs in Charlottesville

reviews of risk free roof repairs

If you need roof repairs in Charlottesville, you want them to be risk-free. Your roof is a big investment and, quite literally, the crowning glory of your home. When it comes to repairs, you deserve to work with the very best. So how do you know your contractor is offering you a truly risk-free deal? Start by asking these questions:

Does my roofer offer a solid guarantee?

Never hire a roofer who doesn’t stand behind their work. Industry standard in the Charlottesville area is 2-3 year warranty on workmanship, and a 10 year, non-prorated warranty on Material defect. Sound normal? Here’s the catch, the industry standard warranty on Material defect only covers the cost of shingles, not labor or accessories. The problem? The shingles themsevles only account for about 30% of the total job. That’s why Lynchburg Roofing’s material defect warranty covers all labor, accessories, and shingles, so the whole cost of the roof replacement is covered in the event of a material defect.

Lynchburg Roofing offers their customers a 15 year warranty on workmanship and a 50 year, non-prorated warranty on all material defects.

Does my roofer demand money up front?

If your roofer requires full payment up front,  tread with caution. A roofer that requires full payment before a job is complete is cause for suspicion. At most, a roofer with integrity may ask for a deposit. Lynchburg Roofing won’t accept payment until a customer is completely satisfied with the job. If that’s not risk-free, we don’t know what is.

Does my roofer have great local reviews?

The best way to choose a risk-free roofer? Look for great reviews from neighbors in your own community. Here’s what customers in Charlottesville are saying about Lynchburg Roofing:

All our customers get surveyed by a third party and all  our reviews are posted. We don’t  cherry pick good reviews.

“We love our new roof. The new shingles made our house look newer and fresh. Lynchburg Roofing’s price was good, their work was excellent and their people were great to work with.” Dan G, Charlottesville

“They were very professional and I would highly recommend them to anyone. They did a great job.” Kenneth Y, Charlottesville

“They are professional and organized.” Lew, Charlottesville

“We were, overall, completely thrilled with the work they had done. They were efficient, it was cost effective, and they did quality work.” Jennifer H, Charlottesville

“Any business can paste high standards and promises on their marketing channels and on their website, but it takes grit, consistent, focused effort, and sheer determination to deliver those hard promises to the customer. Lynchburg Roofing has done, and continues to do, just that.
If you are in the market for a roof replacement or are curious as to whether or not you need a roof replacement or repair, call these guys. You won’t regret it.” -Josh Motley


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