LYNCHBURG- March 27, 2018- Four finalists have been selected in the Lynchburg region’s annual “No Roof Left Behind” program and are giving the community a chance to vote through Sunday, April 8th online at

Lynchburg Roofing is giving away a total of three roofs in their three locations this year, including Lynchburg, Roanoke, and Charlottesville. Each community has the opportunity to vote for one of four finalists. It is Lynchburg Roofing’s 5th year participating in the program.

The Four Finalists in Random Order:

The Camden’s Wish – “My wife and I have two kids, a seven-year-old and a fourteen-year-old. On October 9, 2012, my wife and kids were involved in a terrible car accident, leaving my wife partly disabled. This misfortune left us with only one income for several years, causing our bills to pile up and leaving us broke. My wife and I have worked tirelessly to get back on our feet, but doing so has been a tall task. My family has lived in our home for eleven years with a roof that is twenty-one years old. Unfortunately, our family does not have the money to replace the roof at this time. We would love the opportunity to receive help.” – Michael Camden

Brenda’s Desperate Need – “I would like to nominate Brenda Hall. Brenda has suffered many hardships in the past year, including being diagnosed with cancer in May 2017. She started chemotherapy and radiation treatments shortly after her surgery and will continue undergoing treatment until the end of this year. In October 2017, Brenda’s husband died suddenly, leaving her widowed to care for a special needs son on a limited income. Brenda cannot afford to pay for repairs to her leaking roof and would greatly appreciate any effort to help replace it. Despite these challenges, Brenda remains determined to be the best mother that she can be for her son.” – Annette Cash

Local Hero Needs a Hero – “Gary DuPriest is the founder of Central Virginia Disability, a local non-profit dedicated to championing the issues of individuals with disabilities. Gary was forced to retire in 2002 at age 52, due to peripheral neuropathy, his first of many diagnoses. His wife suffers from neurological disorders, which makes her dependent on a wheelchair. Gary has served on the boards of Rush Homes, Lynchburg Center for Independent Living, GLTC, and Central VA Alliance for Community Living. In 2011, he collected 6500 pounds of food for the local soup kitchen, Daily Bread. Due to his early retirement, Gary and his wife are currently living on disability income and simply cannot afford major repairs they need. Their roof has had numerous patch jobs but is still missing tabs. Please help these good people who continuously do good for others.” – Kate Goodman

Darryl’s Roof Blessing – “I would like to nominate Darryl Christian Sr. Darryl is a giving person with the heart to help everyone! Darryl is extremely passionate about basketball and often gives basketball lessons to local children. After having worked at the same company for seventeen years, Darryl lost his job and was out of work for over a year. He has since found another job, but his temporary unemployment was enough to set his family back. Darryl is a middle-class worker who is unable to receive help because of the lack of relief programs for middle-class workers. Darryl has a leaking roof and aluminum side panels that have blown off of his home as a result of recent windstorms. Please help provide a new roof for Darryl and his family.” – Carla Christian

One of these four finalists will receive a free roof from Lynchburg Roofing, Lynchburg.
Lynchburg Roofing is inviting the community to read the finalists’ stories, look at photos
of the roofs, and vote for their favorite by going to and
clicking on “Giveaway.” The winner will be revealed on Tuesday, April 10th.

Lynchburg Roofing is a community-minded contractor licensed and insured to the highest level available in the state of Virginia. Your confidence in us has earned us a great reputation in Lynchburg and the surrounding area. That’s why we’ve chosen to give back with the No Roof Left Behind program. For more information please call 434-841-8898 or go to