CHARLOTTESVILLE – March 27, 2018 – Four finalists have been selected in the Charlottesville region’s annual “No Roof Left Behind” program and are giving the community a chance to vote through Sunday, April 8th online at

Lynchburg Roofing is giving away a total of three roofs in their three locations this year, including Lynchburg, Roanoke, and Charlottesville. Each community has the opportunity to vote for one of four finalists. It is Lynchburg Roofing’s 5th year participating in the program.

The Four Finalists in Random Order:

Elderly Grandparents Need Roof “My grandparents, Mary and Charles Duncan, are in desperate need of a new roof. In October 2016, they experienced a bear on their roof, resulting in extreme damage to their home. They used their homeowner’s insurance, which allowed them to hire someone to patch the roof. However, whenever a large rainstorm occurs, their roof leaks. My grandparents have worked hard to provide a home for our family, but financially we are unable to pay for the roof replacement we need. My grandparents are extremely selfless and would be forever grateful if they are chosen to receive a new roof.” – LaToya Jackson

Selfless Sandi I would like to nominate Sandi McNutt to receive a new roof. Sandi is one of the most generous people I have ever met. Oftentimes, when Sandi is low on cash, she offers to bring groceries to those in need. In doing so, she keeps three jobs to make ends meet. Sandi’s husband is ill but works to do whatever he can to help out financially. Sandi’s home needs work. It is a small house, but it is home to them, and I want them to grow old together in their house. Please consider Sandi McNutt for a new free roof. She deserves an act of kindness and the blessing of less worry.” – Doris

The Stapleton’s Journey – “A few years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and my family and friends rallied around me. Getting well was a priority, which caused us to fall behind on our bills. We desperately need a new roof, but medical bills and other expenses have prevented us from being able to afford one. It would be such a blessing to be awarded this much-needed upgrade for our home. I know there are many, many other deserving people, but please consider my request for a roof upgrade.” –  Karen Stapleton

A Survivor’s Struggles, “Twelve years ago, I watched my husband take his last breath as he succumbed to lung cancer. I was left with the gift of our then eleven-year-old daughter, Jessie. I went from being a stay at home mom to working two very physical jobs to provide for Jessie and myself. For the last fourteen years, I have worked at my Fire Department and Rescue Service branch whenever I have the opportunity. I am a cancer survivor and have many additional physical limitations resulting from work, all of which make it difficult to stand up or climb stairs. I know I am a kind person and try to be strong and positive, but I desperately need help.” – Patricia Kesses

One of these four finalists will receive a free roof from Lynchburg Roofing, Charlottesville. Lynchburg Roofing is inviting the community to read the finalists’ stories, look at photos of the roofs, and vote for their favorite by going to and clicking on “Giveaway.” The winner will be revealed on Tuesday, April 10th.

Lynchburg Roofing is a community-minded contractor licensed and insured to the highest level available in the state of Virginia. Your confidence in us has earned us a great reputation in Lynchburg and the surrounding area. That’s why we’ve chosen to give back with the No Roof Left Behind program. For more information please call 434-996-2333 or go to