Finding Roofing Contractors Near Me

2 roofing contractors near me

Looking for “roofing contractors near me”, you’ve got a roofing job that needs quality work. Here are some things you need to look for as you seek the ideal contractor to meet your needs:

Keep it local.

When it comes to choosing the best roofer, local is everything. You really do need a “roofing contractor near me!” You want a contractor with deep roots in the community and ample local recommendations to their name. You also need someone who can be there right away if problems arise, and who can offer an excellent warranty for the work.

Customer communication is key.

You need a contractor who is easy to reach. A contractor who returns your calls promptly, answers your questions honestly, and communicates with you frequently. Getting a new roof is a big investment, and the right contractor will keep you well apprised to every step of the process from start to finish.

Your trust is everything.

Choosing a contractor you can trust is the single best thing you can do to protect your investment and your peace of mind. This is where top-notch referrals come in. If a roofer is great, you will hear about it. Here are some from our fantastic customers:

“Most home owners are skeptical of contractors. What I found was quality work at a fair price. I also found a salesperson who sells from his heart, who is committed to his work and above all attentive to customer needs and satisfaction.Thank you from a customer that is extremely Happy, Lynchburg Roofing has a great staff including its sales personnel the job foreman, In a world that is so difficult to find honesty, I found the best of the best. Great work by the Lynchburg Roofing. Five Stars” –Darrell Mayhew

“Chris’ team put on a new roof from me two years ago. Recently developed a small leak coming from a bathroom vent. One call and that afternoon a member of the Lynchburg Roofing team repaired the problem. No question, no charge – this is a worthy and real guarantee.” –Robert Powers

“These guys are professional grade! They work non-stop. They repaired work that another roofer had botched previously. They cleaned up meticulously. They were very polite. No foul language, no smoking, no loud music. Quality work isn’t expensive, it’s priceless!” -Peggy Lovecchio

Looking for a roofing contractor near me? Choose one who cares.

When you choose a roofer with deep roots in your community, you are choosing a roofer with skin in the game. They care about their neighbors. They care about their customers. They are willing to invest in their community:

“Chris Good and these guys are awesome! They donate shingles and labor to Greater Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity. Workmanship is super and they even clean up the scraps from their work. The roof is perfect and the jobsite is spotless when they are finished. Our crew is happy, happy, happy! Thank you, Lynchburg Roofing, for your incredible generosity and commitment to Habitat for Humanity and its terrific families!” -Donna Cole Vincent


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