Early Spring Home Care

Window looking out to the early spring

After months spent indoors during the cold winter temperatures, the promise of warm weather has most people itching to get outside. It may be too early for much landscaping or gardening, but you can get outside to see how your home has weathered the season. There are a few main areas of early spring home care that you should immediately focus on. Checking these areas for these pesky problems could save you time and money through the spring and summer months.

Cold Weather Damage

Because of frequent changes in the air temperature throughout the season, many surfaces in the home structure may swell, crack, or warp in some way. Inside, be sure to check door frames, window frames, walls, and corners for cracks or shifts that could need repaired or replaced to prevent further damage, and so that they don’t negatively impact your cooling during the warmer months. Outside, you should inspect brick and siding for cracks or warping.

Water Damage

The freezing and unfreezing of pipes can really take a toll on your plumbing. You should carefully inspect for leaks or dampness outside and inside. Take special care to inspect areas that might go unseen, like attics and basements. Check for water pressure  in any your faucets to see if a pipe burst during the winter. This is especially common with outdoor spigots.


Check areas where bugs or other pests may have taken up residence during cold months like attics, basements, garages, or sheds. The sooner you identify where these types of unwelcome guests are living, the sooner you can exterminate and clean up these spaces to prevent further damage to your home.

Roof and Gutters

Of special importance in their own category are your roof and gutters. Visually inspect these to get an idea if they have suffered seasonal damage. Missing roof tiles, or clogged or dangling gutters are a good first clue that you may need to get up close and find evidence of further necessary maintenance.

Early Spring Home Care, So You Can Enjoy the Season

Soon it will be time for planting, mowing, and sprucing up the lawn furniture. Take the time to make sure your home is in tip top shape so you can enjoy the rest of Spring without a worry.

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