4 Ways Your Kids Can Help Decorate (without getting up on the roof)

christmas tree with ornaments

The holidays never seem to fail in making kids’ faces light up. From the Christmas light displays, to the full spread of desserts, to holiday traditions and of course, presents–the holidays are a special time for many families. Getting your kids involved in all the decorating around the house is a great way to let them be a part of all the festivities, and to take ownership over some of the process (plus who couldn’t use an extra set of hands to help decorate the whole house?). You probably don’t want them up on the roof, so here are four ways they can help down on the ground.

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4 Ways Kids Can Help Decorate (without getting up on the roof)

  1. The Official Light Tester – I think we all know how frustrating it is to go through the work of hanging a string of lights, only to find out it’s dead. Make your child the “Official Light Tester” and have them test each strand of lights before it goes up. Then they can hand the good ones up to you on the roof.
  2. Ornament Extraordinaire – Let your kids help hang the ornaments on the Christmas tree, and while you’re at it, why not let them make a few of their own? It gives them something creative to work on, and they can take a sense of ownership over the finished Christmas tree.
  3. Cookie Decorating Pro – Ok this might not be a decoration but they sure make the house smell good! It’s about the total experience right? Bake some sugar cookies with your kids and let them be in charge of choosing the cookie cutters and decorating each cookie.
  4. Wreath Helper – DIY wreaths are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your holiday decorations, and it’s the perfect project to do with your kids. Check out this awesome diy wreath to get started.

The holidays are a special time and can really create a lot of memories for your family to look back on, especially once all the kids have moved out and are building their own families. Letting your kids take some ownership of the holiday decorating when they are young is a great way to encourage their creativity, their willingness to help, and feeling of belonging in the family. Plus, it helps to have an extra set of hands on the ground while you’re hanging lights up on the roof.