Which Shingle Manufacturer is the Best?

Here is what Owner, Chris Good, has to say about the major shingle companies: GAF, Owen’s Corning and CertainTeed. Learn more about which shingle manufacturer is the best and what people like about each of them.

One of the questions that we get asked a lot is which shingle or shingle manufacturer we recommend.

We don’t get married to any one brand. Because we don’t sell shingles, we sell assembly service. So there are three major manufacturer in the United States. There are some smaller boutique brands that we don’t install. So we try to stick to those three main brands. It’s sort of like the Chevy, Ford and Dodge in the car business.

You know they each have characteristics that kind of set them apart. The big three are GAF, they’re the biggest – and then Owens Corning and then close behind is CertainTeed. And all three of those are great brands and we’re happy and comfortable to install any of the three.

With GAF we find that people like the design of their tar strip. We like the colours. The colors seem to have a broad appeal to our customers. Owens Corning has a specially designed nail strip that holds really well and that appeals to like the engineer types who like design and strength. And CertainTeed is a heavier weight shingle. I’m not gonna get involved in the discussion of whether heavier is necessarily better but heavier gives you that impression of being better and CertainTeed has a great track record too.

We don’t push any particular brand because like I said, we don’t sell shingles, we sell an assembly service. So any of those three major brands have great customer service. They care a lot about their product and we feel comfortable installing any of them.

Shingle Guide from Lynchburg Roofing