Are you properly licensed to perform work on my property?”

Prove it! Lynchburg Roofing is licensed to do any kind of construction at your residential or commercial property.

Are you properly insured to perform work on my property?”

Prove it! Lynchburg Roofing has full liability insurance. Contact us for proof of insurance, we’ll be happy to provide it!

How long have you been in business as a lynchburg roofing contractor?

Our company has 18 years experience in the construction industry, and over 10 years experience in shingle roofing.

Are you in good standings with your Distributor/Supplier? May I call them?

Lynchburg Roofing is in great standing with our suppliers, Contact us for our references!

Are you Certified/Preferred by any Roofing Manufacturer? If not, why?

Certified with major roofing manufacturers including GAF, Owens Corning, & Certainteed as a lynchburg roofing contractor, we are authorized to offer extended warranties on our installations.

Do you offer extended warranties? 

Lynchburg Roofing offers extended warranties from GAF, Owens Corning & Certainteed.

What is your opinion of my ventilation needs?

This needs to be addressed in detail with the Contractor!!!

Do you use pre-cut starter strip shingles? Up the eaves and rakes or just eaves?

Do you use Leak Barrier (ice and water shield)?  If so, where?

Do you use drip edge? If so, at the eaves only or also at the rakes?

How many nails do you install on a 30 year Laminate shingle?

The standard is 4. Some contractors go above and beyond!

Are you using 3 tab shingles for my ridge cap or are you using the recommended Ridge Cap Shingle by the Manufacturer? If not, why?

Are your mechanics paid by the hour or by the square?

There should be a strong emphasis on quality workmanship. You want to know they will take their time and do a thorough, but efficient job!

Do you require a down payment?

As a trusted lynchburg roofing contractor we don’t require payment until the job is 100% complete.

Do you install the laminated shingles according to manufacturer specs or install straight up the roof? 

This is not recommended!

Will your mechanics be smoking and playing the radio on my job?

We don’t.

What is your clean up procedure after the job is completed?

Lynchburg Roofing respects your home and does cleanup daily.

Are you Mechanics paid by the hour or by the square?

Our mechanics are paid hourly, so they are motivated to do a thorough job.

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