Things to consider in selecting a Roofing Company

Things to consider in selecting a Roofing Company

selecting-roofing-companyWait! Don’t sign that contract on a new roof yet! Do your homework and know what to ask – there are critical things to consider in selecting a roofing company.

Choose a company who makes their customers #1

How do you know that a company makes their customers a top priority? Your first impression can tell a big story. Who answered the phone when they called? Did they seem interested in your business? If you left a message, did they return the call promptly? Were they anxious to give you a free roof estimate?

Lynchburg Roofing makes their customers a priority by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all customers – you don’t pay for the work up front until the job is finished and you are happy with it! Owner Chris Good personally ensures that every customer has a free estimate done and is available by cell phone to each and every one, at 434-841-8898.

You can also tell a roofing company who makes their customers a priority by the way their employees are treated. Lynchburg Roofing requires their employees to dress and act respectfully on the job at all times. They also do not hire subcontractors to do their roofing work, their employees are chosen carefully and treated with respect!

“When we treat our employees like family, with the utmost care and respect, they will turn around and treat our customers with the same respect that they are receiving. We trust all of our employees to care for our customers as their #1 priority, in addition to quality workmanship of course.”

Other things to consider when choosing a company to put on your roof

A few other important elements to consider are:

  • Are they trained and educated on the roofing products they are using?
  • How long will it take them to complete the job, and can they guarantee a finish date?

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