Early Spring Home Care

Window looking out to the early spring

After months spent indoors during the cold winter temperatures, the promise of warm weather has most people itching to get outside. It may be too early for much landscaping or gardening, but you can get outside to see how your home has weathered the season. There are a few main areas of … Read More

3 Ways to Protect Your Plants from Frost

home garden

Can you feel it? The days are getting longer, it’s getting warmer, and then you notice… grass! For the first time in months. Spring is certainly just around the corner. But Mother Nature has a way of easing us out of winter and into spring very slowly. One day the … Read More

4 Ways Your Kids Can Help Decorate (without getting up on the roof)

christmas tree with ornaments

The holidays never seem to fail in making kids’ faces light up. From the Christmas light displays, to the full spread of desserts, to holiday traditions and of course, presents–the holidays are a special time for many families. Getting your kids involved in all the decorating around the house is … Read More

Preventative Roof Maintenance in the Fall

As Fall approaches, leaves will start changing and the air will turn a bit cooler. This is a great time for homeowners to take care of a few preventative roof maintenance items. Here are some helpful tips for easy fall preparation.

Spring Cleaning Checklist – Don’t Forget the Roof

It’s almost that time again! You know it, you may dread it, but you will be happy with yourself when it’s done. That’s right, spring cleaning time. And this year you should add “roof check” to your list. With the approach of this beautiful Spring season you want your home looking … Read More

Roanoke Roofing Service: Starter Strip Shingles (VIDEO)

Starter strip shingles protect against roof leaks, thats why here at Lynchburg Roofing our Roanoke roofing service includes starter strip shingles. Starter strip shingles can mean the difference between a high quality bonded seal around the perimeter of your roof, or having issues you never planned on.  As a top … Read More

Roanoke Roof Installations Checklist

Getting new Roanoke roof Installations doesn’t sound like an exciting investment, but your home will look younger, be more preserved, and you won’t have to worry anymore about leaks or damages to your home! Deciding to get a new roof is a good first step, but now what to do? … Read More

“If You see my roof You’ll fall in love…”

“Oh, its gorgeous! If you see my roof you’ll fall in love!” Terresa McCabe isn’t just gloating about her new shingle roof put on by one of our Lynchburg Roofing crews, but she has this to say about her experience with Lynchburg Roofing: “They are the best people you could ever deal … Read More

Preparing Your Home for a Big Snow

Winter is fairly manageable in Central Virginia. From Charlottesville to Lynchburg and Roanoke, we don’t see many blizzards or heavy snow storms. Still, snow and ice can cause damage and deterioration to your roof and other areas of your house.