Need a Privacy Fence for Your Charlottesville, Virginia Home?: 5 Things to Consider

privacy fence in charlottesville va

Your neighbors might be nice, but that doesn’t mean you want to see them all the time. So you start looking at privacy fences that would fit in with your Charlottesville, Virginia home. Maybe you’re wondering, is there something more visually appealing than a wooden fence that would still make me feel secluded? 

The answer is yes! There are number of trees and shrubs that make great, living privacy fences that give you the feeling of seclusion in a natural way. Here’s how to determine the right privacy fence option for you.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Privacy Fence for Your Charlottesville, Virginia Home

  1. How quickly do you want to see results? While it’s possible to purchase more mature plants, they will be more expensive and still take time to fill in. If you are looking for a quick fix, a traditional privacy fence may be a better choice
  2. How much space are you working with? How close will the fence be to your home? To your driveway? To sidewalks? Are there any power lines or other obstructions you’ll have to work around? With a living privacy fence, you need to make sure the plants have ample space to expand without damaging structures or paths around them.
  3. Think vertically, too! Trees and shrubs almost always provide a taller wall of privacy, without making your home look like a fortress. If you are looking for some shade and extra privacy, a living fence might be the best option.
  4. How much time and attention can you give to a living fence? If you’re looking for a hands-off solution, a traditional fence or very low maintenance tree will be your best options. Consider drought, pest and disease resistant plant varieties. If you love grooming and pruning, then a hedge might be more your speed.
  5. What is already growing in your yard? If you have a slew of flowers and plants that require full sun, planting fast-growing trees nearby could soon pose a problem. A traditional fence or low hedge will be your best solution.

Whether you choose a traditional wood or synthetic privacy fence, or a natural, living fence, choose something that you’re willing to keep up with. In the case of a traditional fence, you may need to pressure wash or replace a piece of the fence every few years. For a living fence, you will need to prune it back and keep it watered. Choose something that will fit in with your Charlottesville, Virginia neighborhood, and that enhances the look of your house.