Charlottesville, Virginia Lawn Care Tips for a Worry Free Summer

homeowner following lawn care tips in charlottesville virginia

With Summer’s arrival comes warm weather and fragrant breezes that lure us back to our favorite outdoor activities. Now is the time people start wearing shorts, planning barbecues, and making sure their lawns are lush welcoming places to soak up a little vitamin D. Whether it’s sunbathing with a few friends, or hosting the local backyard soccer games, healthy grass is they key to enjoying your yard during the warm months of summer. When your lawn is properly maintained, shoes will become an afterthought. Lush, weed free grass is a joy to walk on. Use these lawn care tips and keep your yard lush and healthy all summer long (and if your roof needs a facelift, contact us for a free estimate).

Top 3 Lawn Care Tips

1: The Right Grass Length

While shorter blades make it easier to spot-check the yard for holes, protruding pipes and lost or unwanted objects, longer blades create a canopy effect that “prevents weed germination, reduces competition from unwanted grasses and decreases the amount of water required for turf growth.” When possible, keep your grass longer, keeping your mower height above 3 inches.

2: The Right Amount of Water

In the warmer states, like Virginia, that tend to experience hot and dry summers, finding the balance between over and under watering can be difficult. The best way to ensure long-term lawn health is to water once a week, but for an extended period of time (rather than several short periods of time). This “helps roots extend deeper into the soil and can also prevent chinch bugs, a pest that tends to attach to dried, stressed out lawns”. You should also consider the type of soil in your yard and how much moisture it can hold. Sandy soils will allow moisture to pass through quickly, and will need shortening watering sessions more often. Clay soils will hold moisture longer and will tend to create less runoff when watered. Test different strategies until you find the right one.

3: Worms and Aeration

Worms are welcome on healthy lawns. They are natural aerators and help break up dense soils. If you don’t have worms, you may want to mechanically aerate your lawn with a tool called a core aerator. This machine cut cores out of the soil, which opens the structure and allows fertilizer to penetrate lower layers.

A healthy lawn only takes a small amount of care for long-term enjoyment. Reward yourself this year with beautiful yard by taking advantage of our lawn care tips.

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