Spring Cleaning Checklist – Don’t Forget the Roof

Spring Cleaning roofIt’s almost that time again! You know it, you may dread it, but you will be happy with yourself when it’s done. That’s right, spring cleaning time. And this year you should add “roof check” to your list.

With the approach of this beautiful Spring season you want your home looking as fresh as everything else blooming around you. But where to start? To make this seasonal transition as painless as possible for you, here’s an easy to follow checklist to get you on your way to that sparkly home from the inside out:

1. Recycle, Throw out, Minimize!

The best place to start is to get rid of all unnecessary items in your home. You know what we are talking about. The broken vase you haven’s touched in a year, the clothes that don’t fit (that you were hoping would fit one day), and the tools that you have triple of. Carry a box and a trash bag from room to room. Put items in the box that can be donated and items in the trash bag that won’t do anybody any good. This thinning of unnecessary things will make it that much easier to clean the things that matter.Don’t forget the yard and the garage as well, doing the same method.

Nooks and Crannies to the Everyday.

Now is the time to hit those corners that you hadn’t thought about since last Spring. Think really low and really high, these are usually the areas that get neglected in our day to day cleaning. Attack this task room by room as well, as to not get overwhelmed. Wipe baseboards, get a small brush to clean out corners of walls and floors, take things out of drawers and cupboards to clean underneath, and give the ceiling fan blades a good wipe down. Make sure your refrigerator is not passed. Take everything out and disinfect the shelves and drawers. When the nooks and crannies are complete top off with your everyday tasks around the house.

The Great Outdoors!

What good is the inside of a home being cleaned if the outside makes no one want to come in? It is just as important to tackle the outdoor maintenance. Rip out the dead plants from last years garden, give your lawn a fresh mow, pick up any debris or yard waste that has accumulated over the winter, and run that broken bike to the dump. Now for the big one; don’t forget your roof! Without a roof that is maintained and checked at least twice a year your home can look rundown. Even worse, your home could be damaged, reducing the value of your hard earned investment. Spring is a crucial moment to take advantage of checking and maintaining your roof. With the harsh effects of winter your roof can take a beating. Lynchburg Roofing can come to your home in a timely manner and inspect for treacherous warning signs such as:

  • Bulging, buckling, blistered,or missing shingles
  • Inside leakage of water coming through cracked seams
  • Faulty gutter systems
  • Caulking around chimneys, skylights, or attic vents
  • Any other signs that any of the other roof properties are not at optimum standards

Please do not let this neglected aspect of your home be a pitfall to you as a homeowner. Maintain your roof and your home will can stay your home as long as you need it to be.

Lynchburg Roofing may not scrub the baseboards but they will make sure that a courteous professional handle your roofing needs with the same care and attention you are giving to the forgotten corner of the laundry room. Call Lynchburg Roofing today to schedule your Spring cleaning roof maintenance!

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