Lynchburg Roofing Shingle Pricing

Shingle Pricing Differences in GAF, Certainteed and Owen’s Corning Roof Manufacturers

A question we get at Lynchburg Roofing is whether theres any shingle pricing differences among the different manufactures: Owens Corning, GAF and Certainteed. No, there are not, they are all very competitive, and we can sell any of those shingles for the same price.

Once you get into designer shingles there are some price differences, but the main shingle is a standard 50 year, “lifetime guarantee architectural shingle.” Every manufacturer has a 50 year mainline architectural shingle, and they are all priced almost identically. When you get into the designer and specialty shingles there is some variation, but the difference in the 50 year shingles is negligible and we don’t pass the minute difference to our customers.

Another question we get is about the 3 tab shingles versus architectural. We hardly install any 3 tab shingles anymore, and we can actually buy the 50 year architectural shingle cheaper than we can buy the 3 tab shingle because of the volume we buy.